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Architecture Analysis &
Code Review

Make your Java application

You are not sure how future-proof and resilient your Java application is? We analyze the IT architecture and code of your Enterprise Java (web) application and put it to the test. We follow a systematic and tool-based approach. As a result you will receive concrete step-by-step instructions to implement the improvement measures quickly and easily. We are happy to do that for you too.


What we need

Initially we only need the source code, documents for Application (if available) and a contact person for technical questions. We’ll do the rest! And at an unbeatable price!

How we proceed


Tool supported analysis

We take the following components systematically under the microscope…

  • Application architecture
  • Technology, SW Produkts, Libs/Frameworks
  • Source Code
  • Software Development Process
  • Tool Chain
  • Specialist concept (if available)
  • Technical concept (if available)


Results workshop

… and transfer our results to you as a report and in personal conversation:

  • Viable application components
  • Weak spots and damaged areas
  • Violation of architectural and design principle
  • Risk factors
  • Best practices
  • optimization proposals

Your advantages

You receive the objective assessment from an independent expert. You get transparency and security with regard to the carrying capacity and expandability of your application. You do not need time, we’ll do the work for you. You can repair weaknesses yourself with little effort or let us fix them. You can sleep in comfort again.

How you save

Complex and cyclic dependencies in the source code of Java
Applications make the code difficult to understand and
increase the costs for maintenance and further development of the applications.
Do it with our systematic and tool-based approach
We quickly see such dependencies and can handle them
reduce or completely dissolve simple measures. Reduce it
we partially offset the cost of maintenance and development