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Cloud Solutions
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How to get your application in the cloud

No one can forgo the cloud today. It offers the flexibility, agility and scalability that businesses need for digitization. Whether virtual servers, databases, services for messaging, batch processing, IoT or video encoding: All this and much more is available in the cloud as needed. In addition, cloud technology is an important requirement for big data analytics.

You would like to develop a Java web application for the cloud or run an existing application in the cloud? We will show you how it works and support you in the implementation.




In order for an application to work in the cloud, you have to pay attention to the right architecture right from the design stage. If the cloud solution is going to process and analyze large volumes of data, there are further requirements – for example, the use of NoSQL databases such as Cassandra or Amazon DynamoDB and frameworks for cluster computing such as Hadoop or Spark.

How we proceed

Whether Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or CloudFoundry: We advise you in choosing the appropriate cloud platform. Then we design an application architecture (e.g., microservices) that fits your needs and your use case. We’ll also give you recommendations on which technologies, frameworks, and products (such as Cassandra, Hadoop, Spark) are good for cloud development and processing large, often unstructured, datasets.

On request, we can also assist you with the software development of your application or the migration of an existing application for operation in the cloud.

Let’s go Cloud!
Our Introductory offer:
Workshop “Java Web Development for the Cloud”

Your advantages

  • Objective advice regarding selection and use of cloud platforms
  • Application Best Practices for the Cloud
  • Avoid mistakes and pitfalls
  • Hands-on support in projects