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Coaching Java and SCRUM

We’ll make your team fit for agile Java development

You have software developers but little experience with Java web applications? You want to carry out a project but do not have a lead developer? We coach your team with the required know-how of agile software development with Java/SCRUM and lead your project to success.

With the right technologies, frameworks, tools, blueprints, and agile methods, you can make your software development more efficient and secure. Thanks to short iterations and close coordination, you can see reliable results very early on. Bring your Java web applications online faster, increase development productivity and software quality.


Get an experienced coach for agile Java development for your team! Reduce project risks and achieve your goals quickly and safely.

How we proceed


We provide your team with an experienced senior developer as a coach. Matched to your project, a target architecture is designed, and technologies and frameworks are set based on your needs. The coach provides the necessary know-how to the team members and provides a tool-based software development infrastructure (including source code repository, build tool and continuous integration server).

This ensures that the development in the team is organized, comprehensible and efficient. We build your Enterprise Java (web) applications on proven architectural blueprints. This guarantees a stable, secure framework.

The coach then carries out the project together with the development team with an agile development process according to SCRUM. The project is divided into several short sprints, each of which provides a presentable, resilient result. In this way, prototypes can be created quickly and adjustments made to the resulting solution at any time. Thanks to the early visible results, all team members are motivated and enthusiastic at work.

A test-driven approach, code reviews and coordinated quality gateways ensure high quality results.


You want to make your Java development more efficient and secure? Do you need a Senior Developer who will lead your project as the lead wolf to success?

Then get yourself an experienced coach for your team! Agile methods and the right tools help you get there faster..

Your advantages

  • Your project will be safely and efficiently led to success
  • You benefit from the expertise of a large number of other projects
  • Your team will be trained and prepared practically for a project<
  • The know-how remains within your team after the project has ended
  • Tools, processes and methods can be used for further projects