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Java Performance Tuning

Systematically eliminate performance problems with professional tools

Your Java application is too slow? This annoys users and costs valuable time. Performance issues of Java applications are sometimes hard to grasp, but not unsolvable. Investigating them in productive software is a challenging task. That requires appropriate tools and the right approach.

We’ll show you how it works and what tools help. This allows you to narrow down the cause of the performance problems step by step and systematically find them.


Your Java application gets more powerful – and your customers are satisfied.

How we proceed

In a top-down analysis, we identify the parts of the application that are not performing well. We do measurements and use Java Profiler tools. Based on the results, we can pinpoint the causes of the performance issues.

Typical weak points in multi-layered application architectures
are for example:

  1. Database interfaces and insufficiently dimensioned connection pools
  2. JVM memory management and Java memory leaks
  3. Web frontend performance

Depending on the findings, we carry out further investigations. This includes, for example, debugging Java Memory Leaks with garbage collection analysis tools or monitoring SQL queries and browser behavior. Then we optimize the affected areas. Automated performance testing allows you to understand the improvements transparently.

Are you having problems with a Java (web) application?

We help with Java Performance Tuning – fast and efficient.