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Java Software
Development Infrastructure

Integrated tool chain for professional and agile Java development

Software development in a team has to work smoothly, transparently and comprehensively. The development of artifacts and their transfer into operation (DevOps) must be flexible and possible without media disruption.


For example, with the right tools and processes you can…

  • install an application at the touch of a button in different environments (Dev, Test, Prod)
  • react quickly, agile and respond to change requests, implement them, test them and deploy them
  • increase the quality of your software through integrated testing tools and quality gateways
  • restore once-built versions and releases at any time

Do you have a source code repository with versioning, build tool, built-in tests and automated deployment? And all for free? We’ll take care of that and create an individual concept for your optimal Java software development infrastructure.

How we proceed

First, we analyze your current software development process and what tools you use. Based on this, we design a target infrastructure. This is an integrated chain of professional and free tools that ideally supports your team software development process to deployment/operation.

This usually includes the following components:

  • Source code repository with versioning
  • Build Tool
  • Continours Integration (CI)
  • QS: integration of test tools for metrics and stat. code check
  • QS: Integration of your automated technical tests
  • QS: Deployment and Hosting in Server Environments and Clouds
  • documentation

You will receive a comprehensive written concept which can then be easily implemented. This gives you full transparency and control over your software development process, ensuring high quality, and responding quickly to requests and change requests.

Optimize your Java software development with the right infrastructure!

Your advantages

  • Professional and automated software development infrastructure without license costs
  • Full transparency and control
  • Deployment / installation of applications in different environments (Dev, Test, Prod) at the touch of a button
  • Fast response to change requests
  • Versions and releases can be restored at any time
  • High quality due to built-in tests and gateways