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Test Automation

Improve quality and reduce costs
with the right methods and tools

In business-critical systems, faulty software can cause high costs. Therefore, quality assurance and testing play an important role in professional software development. In practice, however, this is often saved, since manual tests, especially in repeated test runs, are time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive. The result: Untested features go live and cause a high business risk.

With test automation you can optimize processes, save costs and minimize risks.


How we proceed

We show you best practices of test automation and introduce you to the appropriate tools and methods.

For efficient testing:

Perform quality assurance measures as early as possible in the software development process. In this way, you can detect errors early, eliminate them and save costs. Automate test procedures. So you can perform tests as often as you like without manual effort.

“Test automation for Java web applications”
Our introductory offer:

In a one-day workshop, we work with you to develop a quality assurance and testing concept for your fixed-price Java web applications. This includes:

  • Best practices for unit testing, integration testing, GUI / web frontend testing
  • Tools for test automation
  • Tools for testing software quality (metrics, test coverage, typical errors, coding conventions)
  • Creation of test data

Your advantages

  • Immediately implementable concept for test automation
  • Recommendation of license-free tools
  • Reduction of expenses for repeated test runs
  • Increase the quality of your application
  • Reduction of business risk