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Product Configurator

Meeting individual customer requirements quickly and easily.

With individually configurable products, manufacturers and retailers gain a decisive competitive advantage in the context of individualized mass production. However, if the variants are scheduled manually, errors often occur. This can have expensive consequences. Maybe the ordered configuration can not be produced or the calculated offer does not fit within the series?

With a product configurator, you can automate the sales and manufacturing process and avoid mistakes.

The system acts as a link between product development, manufacturing, sales and customer wants. Thanks to simple user guidance, users can configure complex versions without errors even without product knowledge.

We can develop an individual, tailor-made solution for you!


How we proceed

Firstly, we identify the main sources of know-how and their sources of information (documents, IT systems, tools, etc.) and analyze the existing processes:

  • Which products are available and which products should be configured?
  • How is the configuration done so far?
  • Where are the product data? Which dependencies exist in which dimension?
  • Which assemblies, parts, material lists are assigned to the products?
  • Which product-specific rules and product-independent rules should be considered?
  • Which variants can be derived from this?

As a result, project goals are defined and a solution design is created. This will be tested using a proof of concept (PoC) and then implemented prototypically. After extensive testing by the future users (technology, product management, production, sales), further development, piloting and commissioning are carried out.

Start with small steps

In many companies, product configuration is still partly manual and without consistent tool support. The knowledge is distributed across different heads, Excel sheets and IT systems and not sufficiently documented.

Accordingly, it is advisable to start with small steps: First of all, gather the knowledge required for a configurator project and document it.

We would be happy to assist you.

Free of charge:
Checklist for rule base workshop

You would like to cast off your Excel files and think about digitalizing your configuration processes?
You would like to create your own rule base and conduct an internal worshop?

With this checklist you keep every important aspect under control.

Your advantages

  • Moderated requirement workshops based on proven checklists
  • The knowledge distributed amongst your employees is collected and documented
  • Clarity and transparency about actual and intended processes
  • Requirements specification as the basis for the rule base of your product configurator