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Why do you need a product configurator software?

With the growing number of different models and product variants that are driven by individual customer requirements, the complexity increases in the entire operational value chain. The goal of all manufacturing companies or distributors with configurable products should be to master this complexity of variant variety.

Individual mass production and shorter development and production times are challenges that must therefore be addressed.

Your advantages

  • Is the ordered variant not producible?
  • Does the calculated offer price not fit the ordered special model?
  • Is the bill of material faulty?
  • Is there a delay in delivery due to errors in the process chain?


Product configurators as well as variant management and CPQ software (configure-price-quote ratio) help to reduce complexity costs and establish an integrated digital process. Reduce the error rate in quoting and production, accelerate your processes, improve your metrics, save you immense costs and keep your customers happy.

At eForce21, we specialize in creating custom solutions for our customers that are tailored to their specific needs.

Create a basis for success

To master the situation, it is necessary to understand the complexity of one’s own products. A consistent rule base is both the first and the most important step to master.

The dependencies and relationships between the products and components are defined and continuously maintained. This ensures that there are no more erroneous jobs that can not be produced in the form. This clean base is also the basis for correct quotation costing and material planning. Therefore, it is enormously important to establish a reliable set of rules before dedicating oneself to the connection of further systems, the definition of roles and authorizations, language variants or also the visualization. Please also read our blog post “3 simple steps to the rule base” (only available in German).

Free of charge:
Checklist for Rule Base Workshop

You want to get rid of your Excel files and think about digitizing your configuration process?
Do you want to create your own rule base and conduct an internal workshop for this?

With this checklist you keep all important aspects in view.

What sets us apart from other providers

eForce21 – your specialist for customized configurators and CPQ solutions.

Often, the use of standard software products or their adaptation to their own needs is not possible or economically meaningful.

We conceive and develop individual customer solutions, which start where “standardized configurator software” reaches its limits. We attach particular importance to the following points:

Individual and tailor made

Each company has its own workflows and processes that have grown over the years. Digitizing these is often not possible with standard software. We understand it as our task to understand the existing processes and to implement solutions tailored to your needs. The connection to all interfaces is of course possible through the individual development.

First class design

Not only do we make sure your system works great, we also make it look good. A visually appealing user interface makes the configuration an experience for the user and contributes not only to sales promotion, but also to the intuitive user guidance through the immediate visual feedback of model variants. Pictures and videos can be created beforehand or calculated and displayed in real time.

Agile – fast results

Our goal is to provide a transparent project process. Therefore, we follow the agile approach. This allows fast visible results, early feedback, and tight coordination loops. Either on site as a team within your team or at eForce21.

Sustainable architecture

We attach great importance to technically future-proof solutions. At the same time, we always keep an eye on your future requirements and upcoming developments. Scalable, well thought-out architectures are the foundation for systems that endure.


Practical tips from users and experts

Meet configurator experts online and interact with them. Get tips from users, read reviews and learn more about events and events around variant management and configurators.

Visit the Xing Group “Product Configurator and Variant Management – Sharing Experience and Best Practices”. Become part of our community and stay up to date!